Styling Me


In this workshop, I was able to learn lots of techniques and tricks on how to make my body look even better. I loved that Katty showed us how to measure our bodies which was really helpful for me. She also took the time to explain the criteria and the process involved to know what our body needs to get a perfect hourglass shape. I now feel more confident knowing that next time I go shopping, I will know how to look for clothes that will actually fit and compliment my body. Thank you Katty!

Diana Chang. Morgan Hill, CAMSc in Information and Communication Engineering

En días pasados tuve la gran oportunidad de asistir al Taller “Styling Me Workshop”, realizado en Palo Alto (CA) por la Consultora de Imagen Katty López De Gull. Debo confesar que iba con grandes expectativas acerca de los contenidos nos mostrarían y cómo esto podía traducirse en un beneficios concretos a la hora de elegir nuestra ropa o estilo. 

Siempre he pensado que tener información/ conocimiento significa tener “poder”, por lo que gracias a Katty y su taller, me siento una mujer mucho más segura y “empoderada” no solo de seguir mi esencia y mis gustos a la hora de elegir y comprar ropa, sino también en función a lo que me queda mejor según mi tipo de cuerpo.

Todas somos distintas, seres únicos, no solo en cuanto a morfología sino en cuanto a nuestros gustos, aquello con lo que nos identificamos, con aquello que vibramos y nos sentimos en sintonía con nosotras mismas.

Gracias Katty por ayudarme a descubrir esto y realizar de ahora en adelante, compras conscientes sobre lo que necesito y me hace ver/sentir bien, en lugar de realizar compras aleatorias y sin propósito.

¡100% Recomendado!

Katherine AlcaláSan Francisco, CA

My wardrobe is a mess! Every time I buy a new piece of cloth usually doesn’t match with the rest of them. Styling Me Workshop gave me the tools to define my style, to organize my closet, and to shop wisely. Thanks Katty!

Kris DuranArchitect. San Jose, CA

It has been a great pleasure to participate in the “Styling Me Workshop” offered by Katty Lopez in Palo Alto last April. Katty taught us various options to combine outfits based on our silhouettes. 

She conveyed that choosing right colors and fabrics, makes a difference depending on the occasion. Soft colors for example, must be used in a work environment to portray a more professional image. 

Furthermore, Katty recommended some clothing brands for all budgets. I was excited to learn the different options I could have to acquire my new wardrobe. As a professional of the Silicon Valley area, I am very thankful to Katty for inviting me to this fantastic and informative workshop. I look forward to attending again in the near future.

Marisabel Garcia LinaresSan Francisco, CA

This week I had a stroke of luck and won a ticket to attend a very helpful workshop about how to create my personal style and brand! Super interesting!! Oh yeah, this late 30s-nerdy-hippie-latina needs a revamp!!! Thanks @lopezdegull for sharing so many useful tips and details to define my own style and project confidence!

Silvia YanezEngineer and Environmentalist. San Francisco, CA


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